Cloud Archive User Service (CLAUS)

Archive Availability and Status

The current version of the CLAUS data is 4.7.

Data will be updated as and when new/revised data become available in the BADC archive. Note that older versions of the data are not retained, either at BADC or ESSC.

The order in which data are processed depends on the availability of new/revised data from ISCCP and resources at ESSC. If you have a particular need for non-archived data for a specific period, please let the Project Scientist know.


Version History


Data generated by National Remote Sensing Centre under contract to ESSC as part of the CLAUS project using the ISCCP source data 'as is'.


Data generated by ESSC, either during the CLAUS project or afterwards, with identification and removal of individual images with obvious navigation or calibration errors.


Generated by ESSC after end of project, using improved limb darkening correction techniques.


Calibration trend errors identified and corrected.


Data from geostationary satellites given temporal weighting to improve results in overlap regions.


Navigation errors in individual images identified and corrected (mainly GOES series).


Identification and correction of individual images containing rectification errors (mainly GOES-7, some METEOSAT).


Identification and correction of individual images containing calibration errors.

4.6 Improved Quality control of radiometric noise
4.7 Fixed bug affecting BTs >= 340K (about 40 images)


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