The Met Office Hadley Centre Regional Model 3 simulations (HadRM3)


This dataset contains output from the HadRM3P variant of the MOHC Regional Climate Model (HadRM3), run from 1950-2099. Some of these climate change experiments were carried out by the Met Office Hadley Centre for the 2002 UK Climate Projections report.

The RCM used contains the same representations of atmospheric dynamical and physical processes as in a global model. It is run at a higher horizontal resolution (25km) but over a sub-global domain (typically 5000km square), and is driven at the boundary of the domain by time series of variables (such as temperature and winds) saved from a GCM projection. Sea surface temperatures and sea-ice extents are also prescribed from the GCM, since HadRM3 (like most RCMs) does not include an interactive ocean component. The purpose of RCMs is to provide a high resolution climate projection consistent with its driving GCM projection at spatial scales skilfully resolved by the latter, but adding realistic detail at finer scales. This is the "downscaling" process referred to above.

More information about the UKCP02 HadRM3 data is available here.


This dataset also contains data used for the 2009 UK Climate Projections (UKCP) project. These are referred to as HadRM3-PPE-UK. In this case the data corresponding to the UK domain have been extracted from the original (larger) domain, and it is these data which are made available here. The data is provided at daily resolution.

More information is available on the ensemble members, variables, grids, CSV format and archive structure relating to the HadRM3-PPE-UK dataset.

These data have been made available via the Climate Impacts LINK Project, a Defra-funded activity operated by the British Atmospheric Data Centre, which allows access for research to a range of data from model experiments undertaken at MOHC. It should be noted that data accessed via LINK is provided "as-is", and users seeking more detailed guidance should refer to the relevant UK Climate Projections report.

UM Model naming convention.

The Met Office have standardised the way their Unified Model should be referred to:

The Met Office Unified Model is a registered trademark. The Met Office must be acknowledged in any reproduction of data, publication of papers, reports, literature to customers or presentations arising out of the use of the software using: "Met Office Unified ModelTM (UK)".

Full details are given in UM Naming Convention document.

Restricted data

Access to HadRM3 data at the BADC is open to all. To gain access you must first register as a BADC user. After registering, the only requirement is to electronically accept the associated conditions of use agreement.

To apply online for access, please follow this link.

Access to data

The original data is stored in PP format . The model data can be accessed via FTP or HTTP (at: (registered users only).

Please Note:

It is possible to extract a subset of each PP or NetCDF file (if this is all that is required) if you have an account on, using the convsh utilility. It is straightforward to set up a simple convsh script to process your files and store the output in your home directory. These data may then be ftp'd back to your local machine for analysis. Documentation for convsh is available, as well as some example scripts to illustrate how it can be used.


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