What's new?

News on the BADC HYREX service.

13th December 2002: The radar data for Cobbacombe and Wardon Hill, ASWS and AWS and DRS data have been updated to April 2000.
All Met Office format files are now online.
The Brue derived catchment average rainfall datasets have been reorganised, new data added and some old data removed.

27th May 1998: Data from the Salford radar and transportable weather station are now available.

12th March 1998: Some erroneous data files have been removed from the common/drn directory. The files involved are the 4 br*24.dat files and the 4 directories rdc*averages. These files will be replaced as soon as the IH team have sorted out the error.

10th Feb. 1998: UM orography data made available in directory /badc/hyrex/data/um to allow for correction of the geopotential height fields. (see the UM dataset description section 2.1 for details).

22nd Jan. 1998: HYREX data available to the end of 1995. HYREX web pages made public.