NEON Infra-Red Camera

* Introduction

This project, in January 2006, was a trial to test the operation of the NEON Infra-Red camera. The camera was mounted on board the FAAM BAE-146 aircraft operating out of Niamey, Niger and was used to detect the contrast between a runway and surrounding grass areas.

* Availability of data

Data collected onboard the FAAM Bae-146 aircraft(*) is stored in the NEON archive at the BADC.

(*) The FAAM data include both core and non-core data (for a definition of core data, see the document on FAAM Instruments).

* Access to data

(1) Public and restricted data

Access to and use of the data are ruled by the NEON Data Protocol.

Note that NEON data users are still requested to contact the principal investigators prior to any use of the data. FAAM scientists may request acknowledgement (or joint authorship) in any publications based, using or quoting their data.

(2) Where to find the data

Data and documentation supplied to the BADC by the project teams are stored in the NEON archive, from where they can be viewed and downloaded by authorised users.

* Data format - File names

• Non-FAAM data and FAAM non-core data are formatted in NASA Ames.

• FAAM processed core data are formatted in NetCDF.

• FAAM raw core data are stored in zipped VMS files.

File names follow the BADC file name convention and (for FAAM data) the FAAM file name convention.

* Instructions to data providers

Data file names. Data providers are kindly requested to follow the BADC file name convention. Additional rules apply to FAAM file names. Note that the first component of the file name is the instrument (or group of instruments, or model) name. Please refer to the current list of standard instrument/model names. and advise the BADC if your instrument or model is not in the list, or if you would like to record data from several instruments in a single file, so that we can update the list.
Data file format. Please format your data in NetCDF, using the CF metadata conventions. NASA Ames formatted files are also accepted. If you wish to check that files are correctly formatted before uploading them please use the NetCDF format checker or the BADC NASA-Ames format checker.
Metadata. It is important that the data be well documented. Please follow the BADC guidelines regarding the submission of metadata. Some standard metadata have to be provided in the data files themselves. Additional separate documents are welcome.
Data file submission. In order to upload non-core data files or documents to the BADC, you need to be registered with the NEON group – see the "Access to data" section above. The NEON web uploader will allow you to submit data files or documents to the BADC. Large amounts of files can also be submitted by ftp (please contact the BADC help desk for further information).

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