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ECMWF derived products

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To complement the BADC archives of ECMWF ERA-15 Re-analysis and Operational data, an archive of derived products has also been created, including monthly means and climatologies. This is held at Manchester and is accessible

The creator of the data was Paul Berrisford of CGAM (Centre for Global Atmospheric Modelling) at the University of Reading. Queries about this data set should be directed to

There are a variety of data products available, mainly averages but also some gridded products. The averaging period types are:

The data types available:

A set of web pages is maintained to give help and information about this dataset.

Key icon: Restricted data

These data are for bona fide research purposes only and access is therefore restricted. Note that the ECMWF data is only available via the meteorological organisation in your own country. The BADC distributes in the UK for the UK Meteorological Office. For this reason, we do not make the data available to anonymous users through these WWW pages.

In order to gain access to the data, please appy for access to the ECMWF derived data products. The application includes the Met Office Agreement to be signed and returned to BADC. You will then be given access to the data from an account on one of the BADC's computers.

Data icon: Data Access

The data is stored at CSAR (Computing Services for Academic Research) in Manchester, on a computer named Fermat. Paul Berrisford can advise on gaining access to the data.

An ECMWF picture gallery is available to view some sample data.

Docs icon: Documentation

As stated above the documentation for this data set is on the web at

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We maintain a set of links to ECMWF-related information on the world wide web, including the ECMWF welcome page. The BADC holds other ECMWF datasets: ECMWF Re-Analysis (ERA), ECMWF Operational data and ECMWF trajectory data.

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If you would like to know more about this data and how to obtain it you should contact