Portable Unified Model Software from the Met Office


This dataset contains Portable Unified Model Software (PUM) from the UK Met Office. This allows the Unified Model to be run on a user's own system. This version, 4.5, has now been superseded by version 5.5. It also contains community contributions associated with the PUM.

These pages describe the Portable Unified Model (PUM) software from the Met Office. The Unified Model is the name given to the suite of atmospheric and oceanic numerical modelling software developed and used at the Met Office. The model supports global and regional domains and a wide range of temporal and spatial scales that allow it to be used for both numerical weather prediction and climate modelling, as well as a variety of related research activities. This software allows the Unified Model to be run on a user's own system.

Please note that this is the MODEL SOFTWARE ONLY, not the UM model output, which is at http://badc.nerc.ac.uk/um/

Restricted data

Access to Met. Office PUM source code at the BADC is restricted. The application for access to the Met Office Portable Unified Model Software includes the Met Office Agreement to be signed and returned to BADC.You will then be given access to these datasets via a Web account. Details of your account will be sent by e-mail.

Access to data

The Met. Office Operational PUM source code is stored in two directories corresponding to the two CD's distributed by the Met Office. The dataset directory is at /badc/ukmo-pum/ .


Detailed documentation about the PUM is provided with the source code and is available in both HTML and postscript formats.

The PUM is available as an RPM (install guide and notes)


Who to Contact

General queries about these pages and access to the data should be directed to the BADC support line. Your query should be answered within one working day. When follow-up work is required, the BADC support will carry out the work as quickly and efficiently as possible, and in any case, the user will be kept informed of progress.

For technical queries regarding the model itself, please contact the dedicated support group at the UK Met Office directly(portable_um@metoffice.com)