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Common names for Polluted Troposphere File-naming convention


In liaison with the Polluted Troposphere community the BADC has established a file-naming convention for Polluted Troposphere data. This page provides a list names (and codes) commonly used in Polluted Troposphere file names. If you have additions to make to list then please e-mail them to BADC Support.

The categories below are being devised as more names (and codes) are collected. More may be added in the course of time:


dc-gc-fid1Perkin Elmer Dual Column Gas Chromatograph-Flame Ionisation Detector 1.
dc-gc-fid2Perkin Elmer Dual Column Gas Chromatograph-Flame Ionisation Detector 2.
dc-gc-fid3Perkin Elmer Dual Column Gas Chromatograph-Flame Ionisation Detector 3.
fageFluorecence Assay by Gas Expansion.
gcxgc-fidDual Column Gas Chromatograph-Flame Ionisation Detector.
leeds-fr-jo1dJ(o1d) filter radiometer.
leeds-o3TEI Ozone analyser.
leeds-oh-lifetimeOH Lifetime instrument.
leeds-noxTEI NOx analyser.
leeds-metsensorMeteorological sensor.
leic-fr-jno2J(NO2) filter radiometer.
leic-fr-jo1d-aJ(o1d) filter radiometer.
leic-fr-jo1d-bJ(o1d) filter radiometer.
leic-relativehumidityRelative humidity measurement.
leic-sr-ch3choSpectral radiometer.
leic-sr-ch3coch3Spectral radiometer.
leic-sr-fluxSpectral radiometer.
leic-sr-jhcho-nrSpectral radiometer.
leic-sr-jhcho-rSpectral radiometer.
leic-sr-jhonoSpectral radiometer.
leic-sr-jno2Spectral radiometer.
leic-sr-jo1dSpectral radiometer.
leic-temperatureTemperature measurement.
pan-gcPAN Gas Chromatograph.
percaPEroxy Radical Chemical Amplification technique.
uea-aerolaser-coAerolaser CO analyser.
uea-gc-msGas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer.
uea-hchoFormaldehyde instrument
uea-noxTEI NOx analyser
uea-panPAN instrument.
uea-peroxidesPeroxides Instrument
uea-ptrmsPTR Mass Spectrometer.
umist-adaAirborne Droplet Analyser (TSI Inc.).
umist-amsAerosol Mass Spectrometer.
umist-cpcCondensation Particle Counter (TSI Inc.).
umist-dmpsDifferential Mobility Particle Sizer (UMIST).
umist-fsspForward Scattering Spectroscopy Probe (PMS Inc.).
umist-htdmaHygroscopicity Tandem Differential Mobility Analyser (UMIST).
umist-smpsScanning Mobility Particle Sizer (TSI Inc.).
umist-sonicSonic Anemometer
york-aerolaser-coAerolaser CO analyser.
york-metsensorMeteorological sensor.
york-ptrmsPTR Mass Spectrometer.


ecmwf-trajECMWF trajectories.
mcm-shortMaster Chemical Mechanism short lived species.
mcm-longMaster Chemical Mechanism long lived species.


Location names may be used in the location section of the file name but can also be included as part of the instrument/model section of the name.

weybourneWeybourne, 2004
writtleWrittle, 2003

File extensions

.ncNetCDF file format.
.naNASA Ames file format.
.tarTar file (will contain other formats).
.jpgJPEG image format.
.pngPortable Network Graphics (PNG) image format.
.gifGIF image format.

Chemical species abbreviations

This list provides standards for use with chemical and particulate data.

coCarbon monoxide
co2Carbon dioxide
hno2Nitrous acid
hno3Nitric acid
noNitrogen monoxide
noxNO + NO2
no2Nitrogen dioxide
n2oNitrous oxide
pmParticulate matter
pmchPerfluoromethylcyclohexane C7F14
pmcpPerfluoromethylcyclopentane C6F12
so2Sulfur dioxide

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