Rapid Climate Change (RAPID): Data Submission Instructions

The modelling projects funded under RAPID will produce a significant amount of data. These data will be quite varied in nature and volume. In order to make the data available from the BADC archive, the data will need to be either submitted to the BADC by the provider, or collected by the BADC from their system. The actual method used will depend on the dataset itself, but we will attempt to remain as flexible as possible.

* Instructions to data providers

Data file names. Please provide clear documentation describing the file naming convention used. Model output can often be problematic for non-experts, and a well documentaed dataset will reduce the number of queries directed to the data provider.

Data file format. We strongly recommend that you submit your binary data in NetCDF format, using the CF metadata conventions. NASA Ames formatted files are also accepted for ascii datafiles. If you wish to check that files are correctly formatted before uploading them please use the NetCDF format checker or the BADC NASA-Ames format checker for ascii datafiles.

Metadata. It is important that the data be well documented. Please follow the BADC guidelines regarding the submission of metadata. Some standard metadata have to be provided in the data files themselves. Additional separate documents are welcome.

Data file submission. In order to upload data files or documents to the BADC, you need to be registered with the BADC. A directory will then be created under "incoming"on the BADC ftp server (ftp.badc.rl.ac.uk) which will allow you to submit data by ftp (please contact the BADC help desk for further information).