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The Surface Radiation Budget (SRB)

* Introduction

This dataset contains Version 1.1 Surface Radiation Budget (SRB) shortwave products for the period from March 1985 until December 1988 as produced by the World Climate Research Programme's (WCRP) SRB Satellite Data Analysis Center (SDAC). The data are derived from results from the International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project (ISCCP) and the Earth Radiation Budget Experiment (ERBE).

SDAC uses two methods (known as the Pinker and Staylor algorithms) to estimate surface downward and net irradiances, surface albedo, downward direct/diffuse ratio, surface cloud forcing, and daylight cloud fraction. In addition, various other radiation, cloud, meteorological and diagnostic parameters are provided to aid the user in understanding variations in the SRB parameters.

The data are archived at the NASA Langley Research Center. They are held at the BADC on the NASA CD-ROM.

* Access to Data

The data are held on CD-ROM at the BADC and are available for browsing purposes. If you want to use the data in earnest you should order a copy of the CD from the contact listed below. Please ensure that you comply with the Langley DAAC Conditions of Use for this dataset.

The dataset contains 52 monthly averaged and 10 daily averaged parameters on a 280 x 280 km global grid (6596 cells). The data are stored in binary Hierarchical Data Format (HDF) files. There is also an image directory which contains browse images of various SRB, ISCCP and ERBE parameters in GIF and HDF formats.

* Documentation

The documents on the CD-ROM have been extracted indexed and made available through this interface. These give an inventory of the data on the CD, an outline of the data format and a number of information files on the data.

* Links and References

The primary reference for this data set is the NASA technical memorandum number 107747 (Whitlock et al., 1993).

We have also listed a number of other references which you may find useful.

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* Who to Contact

For general queries about these pages or about browsing the data, you should contact the BADC support line.

For further information about the data contact Charles Whitlock at Nasa Langley. To obtain a copy of the CD you should contact User and Data Services at the NASA Langley DAAC.